Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two weeks, 21 photos

The squirrel waits for a peanut.

It is collectively thought be my aunt and me that this cardinal looks like a drug addict.

Scallops that were originally destined to be used for a VIMS project were seared in butter and wine. Thank you.

The woodchuck.

Peached and praline.

Cannon at Yorktown, the oceanside city that marked the beginning of the end of the Revolutionary war.

The typical dress of Scottish soldiers that fought at Yorktown. Or, the original hipster.

We saw 4 deer. But only 1 Bambi.

I visited 4 cemeteries. The earliest grave was from 1608.

Someone had drawn pacman on the parchment.

A parade of shoes

Ben & Jerry's.

Sign of old money: Your juniper tree grows through the brick wall designed to keep out riff-raff.

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