Sunday, August 21, 2011

Virginia beach.

Found in a thrift store. Left there, too.

The definitive guide.

Bacon Pancakes @ the astronomical pancake house in Williamsburg. YUM!

My new Rosie the riveter action figure.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

To keep someone happy

My internet is as functional as a soap opera without close up shots, and cousins getting married. So, no photos for the weekend. Just 2 sonnets I wrote for english class a few years back. Enjoy.

We saw it when a man said words
Which radiated through the still air
And when Miss Hepburn laid her hand in truth
The empty gaping maw a polygraph for life
Brave, bravery, still a long mystery
Ages spent following it to death and glory
For what do we stand for, if not truth
And yet we die for futile conflict
The souls of millions are collateral damage
In the mouth of ancient gods, the moment of truth
Are you brave or fallible, what is your truth?
Do you have courage, enough to tempt the Fates?
But still, the Bocca della Verità* stands
Challenging the brave to see their souls

I don't know how to write a good sonnet
The rhythm and words come easy as bad light
But somehow the words put my brain in a bonnet
The phrase does come but it is a grand fight
And yet the work must be completed
And in this assignment I'll not be defeated
THe scheme so long like letter soup
The words my poor mind seems to dupe
How now! I am on verse nine already
If I can just keep my foolish lines steady
At first I wrote in AB A B CC
Then I saw a mirthful light, the glowing key
Now I write to right my poetical wrong
And I leave you all with this poorly schemed song

I'm better at limericks.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two weeks, 21 photos

The squirrel waits for a peanut.

It is collectively thought be my aunt and me that this cardinal looks like a drug addict.

Scallops that were originally destined to be used for a VIMS project were seared in butter and wine. Thank you.

The woodchuck.

Peached and praline.

Cannon at Yorktown, the oceanside city that marked the beginning of the end of the Revolutionary war.

The typical dress of Scottish soldiers that fought at Yorktown. Or, the original hipster.

We saw 4 deer. But only 1 Bambi.

I visited 4 cemeteries. The earliest grave was from 1608.

Someone had drawn pacman on the parchment.

A parade of shoes

Ben & Jerry's.

Sign of old money: Your juniper tree grows through the brick wall designed to keep out riff-raff.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pizza & Co.

So... my tendencies toward food blogging are literally swallowing this blog. Or maybe it's because I'm not supposed to record the antics in class...
We read poems today. I chose the arms and spoons part of Prufrock. Everyone else had children's poets or TS Eliot. But one girl read Angelou. It was brilliant.
Anyway. Antics. We were supposed to critic our peers, and I said that one guy needed to sound more exasperated. Mistake. That became the word for the day. Every one of the guys in the class described someone as exasperated. The lights were exasperating. The food in the cafeteria was exasperating last night. It culminated when someone asked what that word meant.
If you could experience that, I wouldn't be putting up photos of BLTs and broccoli laden pizza. Speaking of which...
It has everything. Pesto tomato artichoke dip olive oil broccoli lemons provolone prosciutto mushrooms pine nuts onions parmesan feta olives on whole wheat crust.

At the college art museum.

art cafe 26. Nice, overpriced, but with good cappuccino.
The library has the 2nd largest collection of books about dogs in north america. They even have a signed copy of Higglety Pigglety Pop!

The Exmore diner. Collard greens, butterfly shrimp, crab cakes, and cinnamon sugar sweet potato fries.

The Avada Kedavra shake at Aromas. Minty vanilla chai, greenish with blue sprinkles. It was so good. HP 7.2 was also good.

Carnival time!

I won $2 at bingo.

Carol's glasses.

The spider. Yeah, aunty gripped my knee and looked very confused during this one.

Antebellum everywhere.

Stingray's sweet potato biscuit with Virginia baked ham are heart-stoppin' good.

Monday, July 11, 2011

WBG, food, and angles

Banana bread with nectarine Carmel sauce and Hagen daas vanilla. It was so good I ate it over the sink.Well, right now I'm in the Swem Library. There are co-eds waiting for computers.
The old piano in my class room.

The cheese shop, an emporium of my fantasies.

Carol's office is a land of mystery.

Oh, yeah. There have been five lightning storms since I got here.

Asparagus, bacon, brie, and egg salad. Divinity is located at the Blue Talon in Williamsburg.

A Frozen Custard.