Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pizza & Co.

So... my tendencies toward food blogging are literally swallowing this blog. Or maybe it's because I'm not supposed to record the antics in class...
We read poems today. I chose the arms and spoons part of Prufrock. Everyone else had children's poets or TS Eliot. But one girl read Angelou. It was brilliant.
Anyway. Antics. We were supposed to critic our peers, and I said that one guy needed to sound more exasperated. Mistake. That became the word for the day. Every one of the guys in the class described someone as exasperated. The lights were exasperating. The food in the cafeteria was exasperating last night. It culminated when someone asked what that word meant.
If you could experience that, I wouldn't be putting up photos of BLTs and broccoli laden pizza. Speaking of which...
It has everything. Pesto tomato artichoke dip olive oil broccoli lemons provolone prosciutto mushrooms pine nuts onions parmesan feta olives on whole wheat crust.

At the college art museum.

art cafe 26. Nice, overpriced, but with good cappuccino.
The library has the 2nd largest collection of books about dogs in north america. They even have a signed copy of Higglety Pigglety Pop!

The Exmore diner. Collard greens, butterfly shrimp, crab cakes, and cinnamon sugar sweet potato fries.

The Avada Kedavra shake at Aromas. Minty vanilla chai, greenish with blue sprinkles. It was so good. HP 7.2 was also good.

Carnival time!

I won $2 at bingo.

Carol's glasses.

The spider. Yeah, aunty gripped my knee and looked very confused during this one.

Antebellum everywhere.

Stingray's sweet potato biscuit with Virginia baked ham are heart-stoppin' good.

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